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Work in development for 2021

Large sculptural elements and sound sculptures in research and development 2018-2021 for interactive/performative installations in 2021

1 & 5 Feuge in 240VAC for Guitars and Fluorescent Lamps 2018 Installation-performance Expanding Room, evenings of listening at Tape Projects, Curated by Michael Prior & Eamon Sprod. (modified, acoustically and electronically amplified fluorescent tubes and starters)

2 Untitled (big yellow) salvaged hardwood beam, enamel, trolley, steel, polyurethane adhesive.

3 Untitled (narrow blue) salvaged hardwood beam, acrylic, steel

4 untitled test construction (cello mannequin) salvaged fibreglass mannequin, wood, industrial stand instrument parts

6 untitled test construction - fluorescent lighting, PE pipe and channel, Alucobond, wood

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