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Chicken v Egg

2008 kinetic wall piece: wood, guache, acrylic, found objects on plywood with bicycle parts.

Gentle as the sound of light.

installation of modified fluorescent lighting, wood, leaves, paper, found objects.

2011, for Poles Apart, curated by Natalya Maller

single-channel video

Fuck Off(exploding sculpture)
1993, Canberra School of Art, ACT Australia
Re-used polystyrene, found steel casing, modified fireworks, electrical igniters, flammable gas, car battery.


Whethervane(sic)standard definition video, 12min 1993
Produced by Aldwyn Altuneg (camera, editing), Cameron Krone (camera, editing, music in original version), Leon van de Graaff (principal actor, script, sets, props, artwork, additional footage, directing). 

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