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Untitled decomposing hardwood series.

The working title, Wing Commander, comes from the name of the blue paint tint I found a 20L bucket of. This is the first experiment of the series I started about 2017. It took many hours of cleaning to remove all the loose and soft material, and many hours of painting to get all the nooks and crannies to achieve this even finish.

Tentatively called Big Yellow, this is the largest and heaviest of the series so far. It's 3 metres tall and weighs more than me, so it was challenging to work with in my small spaces at home and at the studio. Also weeks of drying after the high pressure cleaning before I dared start painting it with industrial oil-based epoxy. As you can see it's too big to even get a good photo of at Pea Green Boat studios' project space.

There are a couple of other little experiments I will post later.

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