Oscillator - found metal sound

February 2022

Finally, after countless lockdowns and interruptions, the first structural and acoustic test of this work in development (working title: Oscillator). It has a long way to go, structurally and aesthetically but I’m delighted with it as a first draft. This is intended as an interactive sculpture for festivals and events which would be used in a performance, then opened up to public interaction for the duration of the event. It would explore and demonstrate basic elements of the of physics and engineering employed in sound and visual art. As with most of my practice, it is made from primarily salvaged/reused/recycled materials. Note the piece of lichen in the lower right hand side has been left intact and carefully painted around as a symbol of the living world's determination to hang on, the prehistoric eventually reclaiming the state-of-the-art. The long term plan is to make a modular system of sculptural-architectural components which can be easily transported and reconfigured for different public spaces and events. They could be used to house small workshop/performance spaces, event infrastructure, sensory/children’s play space, cooling mist sprayers, and interactive sculpture/performance elements.

click image to see video of studio test

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