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Desire Lines

Photos of my installation for -

Brunswickarts presents: Desire Lines - maps of Brunswick

companion exhibition for Anstey Village Better Block Party Opening Friday 20th March 6-9pm Exhibition 21st March - 5th April Thu-Fri 2-6pm , Sat-Sun 12-5pm Featuring: Linda Studena, Leah Murphy, Minela Krupic, Peter Davison, Nicola Hardy, Jo Waite, Leon Van De Graaff, Alex Clark, Jase Harper, Sarah Howell, David Blumenstein, Michael Fikaris, Teags Humm, Arran McKenna, Ele Jenkins, Gregory McKay, Jess Parker, Martin Nixon, Scott Reid and Ben "Hutcho" Hutchings.


Above: Installation view, Below: model of a trig. station (an old main survey marker usually located on a hill) with "sightlines" going to each corner of the installation.


Collage of vintage photography magazine with current inner-North Melbourne real estate images.


Collage, using the local real estate magazine, current to the exhibition.


A brick from the old Barkly Brickworks in Brunswick. My home is on Barkly St, near where the brickworks used to be.


A rotted hardwood fence post from my house.

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